Telecom Infrastructure Services

ATX Technology offers telecom infrastructure services and products encompassing supply of equipment and infrastructure services for Telecom Network Operator, ISPs, Equipment Vendors, Telecom Service Providers and Utilities. We have a complete portfolio of services to rollout and operate your telecommunications infrastructure including planning, acquisition, network build, operations and maintenance. This enables you to run a leaner and more efficient operation focused on your core business which is service delivery to your customers.


Technologies we support

We provide a range of solutions covering applications in the following areas:

  • Cellular networks
  • Broadcast networks
  • Broadband networks
  • Microwave networks
  • Fixed Line Networks

The technologies employed to rollout such networks are diverse and constantly evolving. Our ability to innovate and adapt to constantly changing needs of our customer has enabled us to build strong partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. For each technology we provide equipment, products, materials and infrastructure services that encompass the following scope:

  • Core Network
  • Transmission Network
  • Access Network
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

What we do

We design and manage the delivery of the best solutions for our customers’ requirements. By tailoring our products and services to fit your needs we can ensure that you maximise the efficiency of your rollout and network maintenance.

Professional Services

  • Network consulting (including planning and design)
  • Systems integration (including network migration, or “transformation”)
  • Network optimization
  • Project Management

Technical Services

  • Deployment (including installation and commissioning)
  • Maintenance (including repair and replacement)
  • Support (including help desk and troubleshooting)
  • Training and education

Managed Services

  • Network outsourcing
  • Hosted and managed services and applications

Fixed Line Network Infrastructure

We provide the necessary underground construction services required in the installation of all urban utilities. We apply our expertise and knowledge conscience to public safety.
Aerial Cable Construction
Our construction crews are knowledgeable with various strand configurations, fibre, and coax to provide all the services to complete our customer’s aerial projects.
Copper & Fiber Optic Network Construction
We specialize in all aspects of copper and fiber network construction and deployment of new technologies.
Inside Plant Cabling
Installing, repairing and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure such as network wiring, optical fibre and wireless networks, both in new construction and as improvements to existing structures.
Underground Cable Construction
Installation of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electric, gas or communication lines. we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

Wireless Network Planning
Our work includes removal, installation and relocation of operators’ kit, swap out, upgrades, electrical installation and rigging.
Satellite Receiving Station Construction
ATX Technology provides turnkey Wireless Infrastructure Services.
Wireless Network Deployment
All aspects of acquisition and planning from identifying suitable locations to seeking planning approval to ensure the best possible site is sourced.
Site Build – Civil Works
From a simple generator installation to a remote multi-tenant communications facility, we have the capacity and experience to deliver.

Engineering & After Sales Services

Engineering Services
Our team provides the support required for preliminary planning, designing, permitting through to as-built documentation as well as construction & project management for our customer’s projects.
24/7 Emergency Response & Fiber Repair
Our crews are always on standby for your call. We have a fully equipped fleet of mobile units that provide emergency response to your network problems.
Sales and Distribution
ATX Technology is a stocking supplier of aerial and underground construction materials. We also stock a large variety of personal protection equipment (PPE), hand tools and cable/fiber preparation tools.
Electrical Maintenance & Repair
A crucial element of ATX Technology Solutions’ service offerings is our electrical service and repair support.
Project Management
We excel in providing specialized services that provides its clients end-to-end project management services encompassing the entire life cycle of telecom infrastructure implementation.

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