Copper & Fiber Optic Network Construction

ATX technology specializes in all aspects of copper and fiber network construction and deployment of new technologies. ATX technology specializes in fibre optic network turnkey solutions and network infrastructure such as LAN, MAN, WAN, SDH backbones and broadband networks for telecom operators, equipment vendors and government agencies. Our highly trained and professional workforce has successfully and timely completed some of the largest Copper networks, FTTH and fibre network construction projects in the country.

Fiber Network Services:

  • Engineering and project management;
  • Field surveys, permitting, right-of-way acquisition and loading calculations;
  • Supply and installation of all materials, including fibre optic cables, splicing enclosures and patch panels;
  • Aerial strand installation, cable lashing and underground cable pulling;
  • Active and passive fibre optic network design with centralized and cascaded passive optical splitters;
  • Fibre optic cable splicing and testing with optical time domain reflectometers;
  • Network inspection, maintenance and emergency repair 24/7;
  • Use of specialized geomatic software for realtime fibre optic network design, management and business intelligence;
  • Railway and subway fiber-optic and copper solutions for transmission, signalling, monitoring and passenger

Copper Network Services:

With over 10 years experience of carrier copper environment, ATX Technology can install, commission and fault find all copper network transmission services:

  • xDSL Service commissioning
  • Copper pair performance – DC- Opens, Shorts, Earths, Low IR, Laterals, Load coils etc
  • AC- NEXT, FEXT, VT, VL, SNR, Line noise etc
  • Copper Fault Rectification
  • Foreign Noise Investigation
  • CAT/5/6/7 Ethernet Data cabling installation & validation services
  • HFC
  • Traffic control and flagging;

With a vast experience of cables from 0.4 -0.9, 10 to 1000 pair, copper and aluminum cable, loaded and unloaded cable, our unique fault finding  skills are highly valued when deploying high speed customer services over a copper access network infrastructure. We can eliminate issues such as:

  • Noise induction
  • Crosstalk
  • Low IR
  • External power induction etc