Underground Power Line Construction

ATX Technology provides the necessary construction services required in the installation of all urban utilities. We apply our construction expertise and knowledge to the congested urban utility battlefield all the while exercising exemplified public safety and conscience consideration to environmental needs. Whether it’s the installation of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electric, gas or communication lines, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

ATX Technology is authorised for construction work up to 33kV on Umeme Network.

Our experience includes

  • Excavation and Open Trenching under the most adverse conditions: Mountains, Rock, Paved areas, Swamps, wetlands, under water, Bridge crossing Road crossing and normal soils.
  • Trenchless Construction Directional Drilling & Auger Boring.
  • Pathways, Pipe and Duct Systems including Concrete Vault & Manhole Construction, Street Cabinets, Pedestal Interfaces and Pedestal Guards.
  • Cable Placement LV & HV through Cable cable Pulls & Underground-Direct Buried/Conduit and Inner duct.
  • Cable Jointing, Splicing & Termination.
  • Fault Location and Repair
  • Paving Restoration; Asphalt removal and replacement, and Concrete removal and replacement
  • Utility marker post installation
  • Earthing
  • Construction of pad mount and indoor substations.
  • Transformer and Switchgear Installation