Directional Drilling & Moling

For installing underground distribution cable without disturbing roads, sidewalks or landscaping, ATX Technology provides horizontal directional drilling and moling services.

Directional drilling is ideal for primary road crossings and right-of-way easements in residential distribution networks. Moling provides a high degree of maneuverability to handle obstructions such as fences, decks and patios during installing of secondary cable on customer premises. Our work leaves the neighbourhood and landscape intact eliminating the time and expense of restoration insuring customer satisfaction.

  • Fiber, copper, coaxial, cable, placement.
  • New Overhead Cable Installation through Aerial Conduit, ADSS Located, Strand and Lash.
  • Splicing and testing of fibre, copper and coaxial cable
  • Rebuild /Upgrade
  • Wreck-out Removal