Water Infrastructure Services

ATX Technology owns a fleet of bucket trucks, digger derricks and support equipment used in the construction of overhead electrical transmission and distribution power lines up to 33kV systems including erecting poles, conductor stringing, pole top transformers, high and low voltage switching, and lighting. Our journeymen and apprentices participate in continuing lineman education and certification.

ATX Technology is authorised for construction work up to 33kV on Umeme Network.

Our experience includes

  • Right-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance
  • Pole Sets, Replacement, Transfers – timber, steel & concrete.
  • Steel pole, Tower & gantry assembly construction and erection.
  • Conductor stringing and augmentation.
  • Wire stringing, sagging, clipping and dead ending
  • Pole and Tower Conductors, Insulators & Hardware Installation. Screw Piles and Anchor Installations.
  • Installation of pole mounted transformers.
  • Street lighting.
  • Pole inspections.
  • Inspection & maintenance of towers.
  • Maintenance, repairs and emergency services.
  • Earthing