ATX Technology OUR SERVICES Welcome To 16 Years of Experience in power,water and roads Infrastructure! we offer high quality,fast,speedy and safe construction services to our clients.


We meet or exceed our customers’ specifications.


We complete your projects on time.


We offer value for money.


Best practice in health, safety and environmental aspects.

ATX Technology Services

Founded 2003, ATX Technology has evolved and has established itself as one of the premier contractors in the Telecommunications, Power and Water industries.

ATX Technology is a leading Contractor in Uganda providing infrastructure installation, construction and maintenance services for telecoms, power and water utility companies, OEM vendors and municipal authorities. We create value for our customers and make a difference by providing affordable, high quality, speedy service in a safe manner.

We provide a complete range of power line construction services for electric utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, government agencies and private developers domestic and industrial and commercial premises.



We are responsive, cheerful, credible, dependable, honest, with high integrity and will to work.


We treat our Colleagues, our Clients and our Partners as professionals.


Listening to instructions. Similarly, messages are delivered with courtesy, clarity and care.

What We Do

We design and manage the delivery of the best solutions for our customers’ requirements.

By tailoring our products and services to fit your needs we can ensure that you maximise the efficiency of your rollout and network maintenance.

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Telecom Infrastructure Services

Telecom Infrastructure Services

ATX Technology offers telecom infrastructure services and products encompassing supply of equipment and infrastructure services for Telecom Network Operator, ISPs, Equipment Vendors, Telecom Service Providers and Utilities.

Power Infrastructure Services

ATX Technology provides a full scope of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure such as creating, expanding or up-rating your High or Medium Voltage Network.

Civil Works

ATX Technology provides civil works services for utility companies and municipal authorities. We offer site survey & site engineering, tower erection and painting, equipment rooms and shelters, roadworks and various concrete works and horizontal drilling and boring services to our customers.
OSP Construction

OSP Construction

We provide the necessary underground construction services required in the installation of all urban utilities. We apply our construction expertise and knowledge to the congested urban utility battlefield all the while exercising exemplified public safety and conscience consideration to environmental needs.
Engineering & Managed Services

Engineering & Managed Services

We provide scheduled maintenance services and emergency response when services are damaged due to works of other contractors, storms or equipment failure. We have a NOC and teams of highly qualified technicians who are available on a 24/7/365 basis to respond to emergencies.