Wireless Network Deployment

ATX Technology’s own site build teams guarantee sites are deployed to agreed timescales and exceptional quality. Our work includes removal, installation and relocation of operators’ kit, swap out, upgrades, electrical installation and rigging.

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

ATX Technology has undertaking installation and commissioning work since 2005 and are now involved with the rollout of 4G services. We have worked with the major operators and our experienced teams of engineers are trained to install kit from vendors including Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, and NEC

Our services include:

Equipment de-commissioning/relocation
Swap out/upgrades
Transmission enablement surveys/power installation
Site audits
Materials and upgrade management
Full script creation and building of IP Solution
Integration with existing equipment
Post commissioning call/drive tests to ensure the expected customer coverage is achieved

Our engineers undertake all aspects of BTS/Node B/EBTS/MTS/LTE equipment installation and commissioning, providing all necessary test certification/handover documentation.

Our services include:

ATX Technology rigging teams are highly experienced and are approved by all the major site providers. We offer a first class service on a daily basis.

The rigging teams provide services in the mobile sector, delivering 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi antenna systems installation and commissioning using fibre or traditional feeder cabling. ATX Technology also provides microwave radio and transmission system design, installation and commissioning services to the mobile, utilities and local authority sectors.

All of our installers have been trained to the highest possible standard with safety, quality and our client’s site performance being the key to our current success in a highly competitive and quality driven industry.

All rigging staff have undergone
RF training
Refresher climbing/access courses
Installation and replacement of antennas
Rooftop, RF awareness and other industry related health & safety training.