About Us

We are ATX Technology

Founded 2003, ATX Technology has evolved and has established itself as one of the premier contractors in the Telecommunications, Power and Water industries.

ATX Technology is a leading Contractor in Uganda providing infrastructure installation, construction and maintenance services for telecoms, power and water utility companies, OEM vendors and municipal authorities. We create value for our customers and make a difference by providing affordable, high quality, speedy service in a safe manner.

We provide a complete range of power line construction services for electric utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, government agencies and private developers domestic and industrial and commercial premises.

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. This is our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

To Design, Build, Operate and Maintain Water, Sewage, Telecom, Power and Roads Infrastructure.
To Inspire Development in the Regions where we compete.
To Create Value and make a Difference by providing low cost, high quality, speedy and safe service.

What do need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth?

Business: Be a systemic business, lean and fast moving organization, designing, building, Operating and Maintaining quality Infrastructure in East & Central Africa.
Community: Be a good Citizen, fair employer and professional business people.
Shareholders: Be profitable and sustainable.
Clients & Suppliers: Develop concrete relationships and networks of clients and suppliers together creating mutual and enduring value.
People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Team: Build highly productive, effective and cohesive teams that deliver.
Appearance: We take pride in; Personal Appearance, wearing clothing that is neat, clean, and fits appropriately, Practice good personal hygiene & Wear identification badge
Attitude: We are responsive, cheerful, credible, dependable, honest, with high integrity and will to work.
Respect: We treat our Colleagues, our Clients and our Partners as professionals. We are professionals working with and for professionals.
Communication: Listening to instructions. Similarly, messages are delivered with courtesy, clarity and care.
Ownership & Accountability: I take pride in acting as an owner, accepting accountability for that ownership.
Adaptability: Maintain a positive and flexible attitude, be a team player



By the year 2025 ATX Technology will be a widely recognized as the premiere provider of Utility Construction services & products in East and Central Africa with more than 5 companies throughout East Africa covering Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi & Zambia. This expansion will begin 2017.

Every ATX Technology company will have a uniform culture, look and feel. Our office premises shall be neat, organized, safe and carefully designed to create an overall effect of order, warmth and comfort. Our furnishings and office facilities and decor will reflect the high quality, solidity and African heritage of the company. Anyone coming to our offices shall be met in a welcoming and structured manner that should create a lasting impression on them.

All ATX companies will be superbly organized by management through creating and continuously improving systems and processes for all the 7 core centers of the business as defined by e-myth. These business systems and processes will be standardized across the group and any new systems or changes to existing systems will be tested and verified in a systematic manner and thereafter implemented across the group.

Our staff will be expected to be focused while at work and to deal with all visitors to our offices in a friendly, efficient and business like manner. Our warehouses and workshops will be orderly, clean and fully equipped and shall incorporate the current best practice and technologies to operate them. Best practice regarding Health and safety of both staff and the general public will be strictly observed in all places where ATX is working.


ATX Technology will offer high quality, Low cost, fast, speedy and safe construction services to our clients.

We shall differentiate ourselves by focusing intensely on fulfilling our client’s needs, positioning ATX Technology as Low cost, High Quality, On Time as promised, with high regard to Safety thus creating a dependable brand that provides the highest levels of services that consistently meet and often exceed our client’s expectations.

ATX Technology will target Utility Companies (Power, Water, Sewage and Telecom), Utility Service provider, Utility infrastructure owners, Equipment Providers, Utility Contractors, and Government Organizations companies that manage, regulate or own the Utilities.

ATX Technology will focus on creating long term relationships with these clients by having Service agreements, Frame Contracts, Prequalified, and Support Agreements in place and will nurture these relations so as to produce a steady stream of repeat business.

In all our interactions with our clients we shall at all times project a consistent brand image. Work done on our client’s premises by our teams, the manner in which it is done and the interactions with our clients should be awe inspiring and should leave a lasting impression of the first class quality, reliability and dependability of not just our products and services but of the company, the ATX brand, ATX staff and ATX`s  suppliers.


ATX shall provide a superior return to its shareholders and focus on creating value for its key stakeholders, through constant innovation, consistent growth and careful management of its resources. Each ATX Technology company will have a turnover of US & 5,000,000 with Gross Margin 60% after tax profit of at least 10% per annum. Of this profit 50% will be paid out as a dividend, 10% will be donated to charitable causes, 10% will be saved for future investments and the remaining 30% will be reinvested into the business unit.


The ideal ATX employee shall be passionate about their profession, intelligent, persistent and focused. They will produce exceptional results and be deeply committed to achieving ATX`s strategic objective. This employee will be multi-skilled and broadly knowledgeable in their profession and be adept at working with different and constantly changing standards, technologies, systems and cultures. They will be at the forefront of the latest technologies, standards, methods and tools used in their professions in order to maintain ATX as a leader and cutting edge organization. This employee will be inquisitive, edger and able to learn and master new skills, technologies and methods in their profession and related fields. ATX shall seek out top performers and provide them with a first class working environment, rewards and recognition. Through the ATX University, ATX will instill a high performance culture and train all ATX employees to be highly effective at their jobs and fast track the development of top talent for future leadership roles.


In all our dealings ATX Technology will conduct business on the highest ethical basis with truth, honesty and integrity forming the basis of all our relationships. ATX shall actively support charitable causes and public benefit programs providing leadership and support to publicly important issues. ATX will be a model of “good citizenship” with regard to protect of health, safety and the environment.


The ideal ATX Team shall follow best practice in project management and have crystal clear clarity on what the team’s objective are. Each team member will clearly understand their personal role within the team and go about fulfilling their role in the team with focus, energy and total commitment.

This team will work seamlessly and efficiently as a single unit focused on clear and specific objectives. It will be acutely aware of and sensitive to the customer’s needs and expectations. The ideal team will be resourceful and agile quickly responding and adapting to new or changing customer needs and project circumstance.

This team will tenaciously adhere to meeting deadlines and deliverables and fulfilling each and every one of our client’s expectations.

The ideal ATX Team will be courteous, neat in appearance, equipped with the right tools for the job at hand will and go about their work in a well organized and systematic way. This team will be cross-functional and will encompass all the roles necessary to deliver our products an services to our clients in a first class manner right from their first interaction with ATX, through to the delivery of the product or service and finally after sales care.


The goal of ATX Technology is to choose employees who exemplify an excellent standard of behavior. A set of performance standards have been developed by ATX to establish specific behaviors. By incorporating these standards as a measure of overall work performance, ATX Technology makes it clear that employees are expected to practice the following Standards of Behavior.


Staying healthy. Becoming self-disciplined.
I strive to create a positive environment through my personal appearance and the appearance of the organization for which I work. Therefore, along with my colleagues I will take pride in; Personal Appearance, Adhere to dress code policy, Dress in a professional manner, wearing clothing that is neat, clean, and fits appropriately, Practice good personal hygiene & Wear identification badge. Facility Appearance: Pick up and dispose of litter properly, Return equipment to the proper place & Keep work areas clean and free of clutter.


I will maintain a positive and flexible, be a team player and remove the phrase, “it’s not my job,” from my vocabulary, work collaboratively to help others, be proactive in identifying opportunities for individual growth and departmental improvement.

Promote cooperation between clients and colleagues/ departments by embracing change and offering suggestions for resolutions of problems and also respecting and listening to colleagues ideas.


I will welcome new employee to my department, answer questions posed, speaking well of staff and clients, taking pride in my work and maintaining a safe environment.
Understanding all safety codes and knowing how to respond to them, using security measures when appropriate, do my best to ensure that goals set forth by the company are achieved. I will maintain an appropriate level of professional expertise by continually developing knowledge and skills. Perform professional duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and technical standards. Provide decision support information and recommendations that are accurate, clear, concise, and timely. Recognize and communicate professional limitations or other constraints that would preclude responsible judgment or successful performance of an activity.


I listen attentively to clients and co-workers in order to fully understand their needs. Listening to instructions. Similarly, messages are delivered with courtesy, clarity and care.

Therefore, along with my colleagues I will acknowledge guests by. Smile and maintain eye contact, introduce self and your role at ATX Technology, Use guest’s names when appropriate, Listen and respond to both verbal and non-verbal messages. Keep clients appropriately informed. Use telephone etiquette Use telephone/voice mail/e-mail courtesy.


Being responsive. Performing your duties cheerfully. Being credible & dependable. HONESTY & INTEGRITY. WILLING TO WORK.
I am here to serve our clients with the utmost care and courtesy. Therefore, along with my colleagues I will Choose an attitude that facilitates this, Acknowledge clients- Immediately greet people in a friendly manner, with a warm attitude, and a smile. Practice the “HEAT” method: Hear them out, Empathize, Apologize, Take action. Practice “Service Recovery” when someone is dissatisfied – Anticipate Acknowledge, Apologize, and Amend. Verbalize “I am so sorry, what can I do to help?” when a guest voices a concern. Thank them for choosing ATX-routinely practice an “attitude of gratitude.”<


Treat Colleagues (employees, clients’ subcontractors, other departments, volunteers) as professionals deserving courtesy, honesty, respect and confidentiality).
Therefore, along with my colleagues I will display kindness and offer help, Listen thoughtfully, empathetically, respond appropriately, provide an explanation and say “thank you”. Respect clients’ values, privacy, environment and confidentiality and respect for all regardless of their position in the company. Help quests find their way by walking them to their destination when needed. Recognize and Respect differing cultures, viewpoints and beliefs. Make sure clients information is kept confidential. Keep all interactions positive by not engaging in negative behaviors such as gossiping, back stabbing, undermining, fighting and arrogance.


Taking responsibility. Taking initiative. I take pride in acting as an owner, accepting accountability for that ownership.

Therefore, along with my colleagues I will Anticipate and exceed clients’ needs and expectations. Address every request or concern until it is resolved or until someone else accepts responsibility for its resolution. Understand and accept responsibility. Take responsibility and initiative to get my job done, and assist others. Work together to best meet the staffing needs of the facility. Attend all required meetings. Accept responsibility for my actions, not placing blame on others – Do the right thing. Assist in making changes when problems are identified or something is unclear. Reward positive behavior and redirect any negative behavior. Take pride in this organization as if I own it. Act as an ambassador of ATX at all times. Report all safety hazards, accidents/incidents immediately. Contribute to the safety and security of the working environment. Treat ATX property with care and respect. Represent ATX positively in the workplace and community. Behaviors including criticizing, condemning and complaining about ATX in the workplace and in public are not consistent with this Employee Excellence Standards of Behavior.