Civil Works

We consistently excel and exceed client expectations on our site development services. From a simple generator installation to a remote multi-tenant communications facility, ATX Technology has the capacity and experience to deliver.

Site Survey & Site Engineering

Site Survey & Site Engineering
Site selection
Structural and Design
Zoning, environmental, FCC, building and permitting
Project Management

Site Survey & Site Engineering

ATX Technology has experienced teams including Tower foundation civil works, Tower erection & painting, Remedial work: Replacement of damaged or rust-affected members, paint stripping & repainting, guy and insulator replacements, and repair work to the foundation is carried out after site visits and evaluations have taken place

Mono Poles
Guyed towers
Self supporting towers Lattice structures & Tubular masts
Lightning, Earthing & grounding, design installation
Steel Structure Foundation-

Equipment rooms and shelters –

Equipment housing to protect against theft and vandalism and the weather is required throughout your network. ATX Technology is able to work with your building layouts and finishes to provide you with customised:

Prefabricated Equipment Shelters
Brick built equipment & Generator rooms
Outdoor Shelters & Equipment Pads.

Civil Construction Works

Site Preparation & Development:

Typically include site clearing and grubbing; rough grading of drainage swells; and development of erosion control measures.


Also followed by the subsequent back filling and soils compaction activities

Earthwork Construction:

Movement of dirt on civil construction projects

Earthwork Construction:

In-situ soil and sludge.

Concrete Work:

Structural reinforced concrete is one of the most common building materials used in the construction industry today and can be classified as either precast or cast-in-place.
Directional Drilling & Moling

Directional Drilling & Moling

For installing underground distribution cable without disturbing roads, sidewalks or landscaping, ATX Technology provides horizontal directional drilling and moling services
Water Infrastructure Services

Water Infrastructure Services

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Site Build – Civil Works

Site Build – Civil Works

Our engineering team provides the support required for preliminary planning, designing, permitting through to as-built documentation as well as construction & project management for our customer’s projects